Take Away
The duration of the ICEH Grade 2 course offered by ICDA Training is of one month. Every student undergoing this forty hour course can easily enhance their knowledge about system penetration, hacking and security. This intensive training course has been specially designed on an intensive level. We rely on a completely technical training module so that you can get a clear perception of the complicated cyber security world. You can also undergo this training or the ICEH Grade-1 course if you are planning to make a career as an ethical hacker or in the web space penetration testing industry.

The ICDA Certified Ethical Hacker Grade 2 is treated as one of the most intensive courses as it comprises of every vital aspect of hacking attacks and defense in today’s advanced Digital World. The focus of our trainer is entirely on fulfilling the needs of your training and so your passion for ethical hacking will grow. You will mature into a certified professional as we believe that the organized knowledge offered by us can be your first step to success. You will feel like a cyber ninja as you will learn how hackers handle the cyber dimension.

Undergo our CEH certification in Haldwani if you are looking for an extensive course where your knowledge about ethical hacking will upgrade. The advanced security domains are used so you can learn the latest methodologies of ethical hacking. The primary criteria for attending this course are equivalent knowledge of ICEH Grade 1. Undergoing the ICDA Certified Ethical Hacker Grade 2 offered by ICDA Training is a must for those willing to become a web-based penetrator and for the information security professionals. Contact us to know more about the course.

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